Wild nature, architecture, seaside… there’s no lack of remarkable viewpoints in our region.

You can opt for the cliffs of Etretat, the architectural heritage of Le Havre, the natural surroundings of the Seine… The journey starts now!

Phare d'Antifer

Antifer Lighthouse

From Cap d’Antifer and its lighthouse, you can enjoy an unobstructed magnificent view towards Tilleul Beach and Manneporte. On the other side, views of Saint-Jouin Bruneval, Cap de la Hève and, on a clear day, the Calvados coast.

Jardins suspendus du Havre

The Hanging Gardens of Le Havre

Enjoy a uniquely fragrant view from the Hanging Gardens. Stroll through the alleys, visit the collection greenhouses, have tea on the terrace and discover the beach, the city and the buildings from the heights of the gardens. 

Pont de Tancarville

The Saint-Vigor d'Ymonville lookout point

The Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville lookout point overlooks the Seine estuary at an altitude of 100 metres. From this promontory, you have a unique view of the Seine estuary, the Tancarville bridge, its canal and industrial activity.

Chapelle Notre Dame de la Garde à Etretat

The Chapel of Notre-Dame de la Garde d'Etretat

What a beautiful panorama! Imagine that from here, you can admire the Porte d’Amont, the Falaise d’Aval, the beach, the golf complex and its 18-hole course, the gardens of Etretat… On the other side, follow the path to discover Fécamp. Of course, on top of all that, there’s the sea…

L'abbaye de Graville au Havre

Graville Abbey in
Le Havre

From the foot of this 11th-century abbey, you can see the city’s numerous buildings, including the Church of Saint-Joseph, the town hall, the Volcan, as well as watching the liners in port, the port itself and even “the other side of the water”. Equipped with a powerful enough zoom, the Normandy Bridge comes into view.

Table d'orientation de Sainte Adresse

The Sainte-Adresse orientation table

Situated slightly below Cap de la Hève, another remarkable viewpoint, the Sainte-Adresse orientation table lets you observe the port of Le Havre and its maritime traffic, as well as the Seine Bay and, further still, the landing beaches on a clear day. Every two years, the table is one of the most popular in Sainte-Adresse at the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre.

Hôtel de Ville du Havre

The 17th floor of the Le Havre Town Hall tower

Attention – thrills guaranteed! Of course, we’re not at the top of the Montparnasse Tower, and even less at the top of a New York skyscraper, but the town hall’s tower is still quite something. You can observe the art of Auguste Perret’s reconstruction, Avenue Foch which runs down towards the sea via the Porte Océane, the historic artery which is Rue de Paris leading straight to the “catène de conteneurs” artwork. Discover also the upper town, its step circuit, the funicular…

Le belvédère de Saint-Jouin Bruneval

The Saint-Jouin-Bruneval lookout point

A breathtaking view of the English Channel and Port d’Antifer awaits you here. You can also discover Saint-Jouin Beach where a quick snacking break is a must. Not far away, why not visit the Bruneval memorial dedicated to the memory of Operation Biting during the Second World War.

Vue aérienne du pont de Normandie

The Normandy Bridge

The Normandy Bridge offers a magnificent panorama of the Seine estuary, Honfleur and Le Havre. You can watch the ships going up or down the Seine, the port activity and the gantries of Port 2000, the fauna of the estuary nature reserve and, of course, immortalise the lights so dear to our Impressionist painters. Behind you stands in the distance, but not so far away, the original Normandy bridge: the Tancarville bridge, recognisable by its beautiful red livery and other wonderful technical prowess of the 50s.

Quai des Abeilles Le Havre

The bell of the Quai des Abeilles in Le Havre

Situated at the end of the Quai des Abeilles, as an extension of the semaphore station, this construction protruding out towards the sea lets you sit and watch the incessant ballet of maritime and port activity. Many amateur and professional photographers have made it their spot to capture the liners calling at Le Havre, as well as the sunsets that inspired the Impressionist painters, painters that you can find just next door, at the MuMa.