The Alabaster Coast region offers a wonderful playground for instagramers. We have selected some of the must-sees in our destination.

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Catene de containers

Le Havre, the Catène de Conteneurs

Representing the architectural impact of Le Havre during the celebrations for the city’s 500th anniversary in 2017, Vincent Ganivet’s Catène de Conteneurs is a must-visit instagram spot. Very colourful, having fun on the lawns, monumental or how to make rectangular containers angular… 

Le MuMa, le signal

Le Havre, the Signal of the MuMa

In front, the sculpture stands out as a “guardian of the temple” and serves as a landmark for a view of the architecture of the MuMa as a whole. If you move to the sides of the work, your certainty melts away as to the design of the Signal itself, making you doubt what you just saw from the front…

Vue sur l'estacade de Sainte-Adresse et la plage du Havre

The Sainte-Adresse landing stage

Enjoy the sea and city views, the architecture of Le Havre, the riders defying the English Channel, the sunrises and sunsets… At its feet, the landing stage reminds us of California’s famous piers, and many photographers use it for their fashion shoots.

Le Havre, la digue nord

Le Havre, the North Dyke

Spray, foam and waves crash into it, trying to break it down with the pebbles it hurls… So you’re not allowed to set foot on it, but seen from a distance, it’s even more impressive. Le Havre is a cruise port, and when we say cruise ships, we mean ocean liners. I didn’t tell you this, but…

Vue sur le Bassin du Commerce avec sa passerelle, le Volcan et l'église Saint-Joseph

Le Havre, the Bassin du Commerce and the Volcan

This view from the foot of the Hotel Mercure is to some degree … to a large degree … our image of Epinal, our trademark known to all. In one shot you can see the footbridge overlooking the Bassin du Commerce, then the imposing War Memorial and Oscar Niemeyer’s Volcan

Eglise Saint Joseph au Havre

Le Havre, Saint Joseph's Church

The faithful, tourists, photographers / instagramers meet inside during opening hours. While focusing isn’t so easy due to the darkness, feel free to gaze up at the outside: and yes, “Saint-Jo” is well worth it!

Falaise d'Aval Etretat

The cliffs of Etretat

Falaise d’Aval, Manneporte, Courtine, Falaise d’Amont, Roche Vaudieu and Aiguille de Belval – there’s so much choice for those looking for a great shot. While one of them might catch your eye momentarily, the changing light of the impressionist skies so dear to Monet may make you hesitate just as you’re about to capture the moment. 

Les jardins d'Etretat

The other Instagram spots of the Alabaster Coast

Continue your journey with a non-exhaustive list of remarkable Instagram spots:

  • Le Havre: Town Hall, Niemeyer Library, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Graville Abbey, Rouelles Park, Saint-Roch Square, the Perret buildings, Stade Océane, Hanging Gardens, Volcan and Petit Volcan
  • Montivilliers: Montivilliers Abbey
    The Pont de Normandie! Attention: for your safety, don’t take pictures when driving!
  • Etretat: Clos Lupin, Etretat Gardens, the covered market, Perrey
  • Harfleur: St Martin’s Church
  • Sainte-Adresse: the Chapel of Notre-Dame des Flots, the sugar loaf
  • Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville: the belvedere on the Seine estuary
  • Beaches of Le Havre, Sainte-Adresse, Etretat, Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, Le Tilleul, etc

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