The purpose of the Greeters is to show tourists for a day or more what, in their eyes, makes the City of Le Havre so unique.

Far from being a guided tour, more historical, more documented, more precise, it’s a discovery, the transmission of people’s own perception of the city. The tourist becomes a friend and the greeter shares with them how the city has developed, places they like to visit, their favourite areas, places that are sometimes off the beaten track.


Visite guidée du centre-ville du Havre par un greeter
Equipe de greeters havrais prêts à vous accueillir

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In France, there are nearly 1,200 “greeters” spread over 35 cities, all driven by the same desire to share their passion. Every one of them has signed the charter, drawn up by the Tourist Office, which he or she undertakes to respect. It defines the framework within which the visits should be carried out (Fédération France Greeters). In Le Havre, volunteers of different generations and cultures are here waiting for you.

To register for a visit, simply go to and read the profile of the dozen or so referenced “greeters”. They all have their own particularities, their preferred fields, ability to speak a foreign language – it’s an à la carte choice. 

After your visit, feel free to leave your impressions in the site’s Guestbook. Le Havre Greeters. There is also a Facebook page to check out all their news!