Apart from its reconstruction, the work of Perret and his workshop, Le Havre has another architectural particularity: its steps!

There are 89 stairways, allowing you to pass between the lower town and the upper town, the border of which is symbolically marked by the “Côte” or “Costière”, a residential area where merchants and shipowners settled in the 19th century. Built between 1850 and 1930 to replace its paths, each staircase has its own history, its own personality. They are an opportunity to discover another Le Havre, out of sight, more intimate, quieter. 

Le haut des escaliers de Montmorency

01L’escalier de Montmorency

The Staircase of Montmorency, a classical staircase called «300 steps», in reality 266, became the star of social networks since it was put in color under the impulse of the artist Miguel Do Amaral with the participation of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. It has even become the exercise ground and physical prowess of sportsmen.

To the east, it allows to reach the Abbey of Graville, to the west the Fort of Tourneville and Tetris.

In this eastern part, discover the mysterious Jean Valjean staircase, Cosette Alley and Fantine Street…

Le Havre, escalier Olivier Senn

02Around Rue Félix Faure and Rue Georges Lafaurie

You’ll find lots of stairways in this western part of the city. From Admiral Mouchez’s panorama, the view takes in the whole city from east to west. The Senn and then the Lechiblier staircases connect the quiet, bourgeois Ormeaux district with the pretty Art Nouveau and Art Deco villas.

Le Havre, escalier Beasley

03Coty and Beasley staircases

From Rue Félix Faure, opposite the St Joseph institution, the Germaine Coty staircase, named after the wife of the last president of the 4th Republic, leads to the Ingouville chapel. While it’s the widest of the 89 stairs, it’s also the easiest because it has intermediate landings.

Taking the Beasley staircase is an opportunity to discover an unexpected place: the “garden of sighs”, a small green setting for lovers…  At its foot, before reaching the Gobelins district, you will notice a lamppost, a hundred-year-old witness to the era of gas street lighting. 

Escalie des Noyers, Le Havre

04Noyers and Côte Morisse staircases

We should also mention a little further the Noyers staircase, that of the Côte Morisse.

Whatever the stairs you use, though it’s a physical climb, the exceptional views of the city they offer are a great reward.

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