Visite théâtralisée : Vergetot, une histoire millénaire


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Organized by Pays d’art et d’histoire, by the Touches d’Histoire company.

Born in 1824 from the merger of two villages, Vergetot celebrates its bicentenary with a thousand years of history to tell! Situated on a Roman road, then a medieval road, the commune was home to an ecclesiastical college and was the scene of religious processions. Following the Touches d?Histoire company, discover the rich and surprising story of this authentic village with its preserved rural identity.

Ages 10 and up – Duration: 1h30.
Reservations required.
Meeting point to be announced on registration.


  • Base rate : 5,00€
  • Reduced rate : 3,00€
    (Pour les titulaires d’une carte d’invalidité ou d’une carte Familles nombreuses)
  • Free :
    (Pour les moins de 26 ans, et sur présentation de justificatifs, demandeurs d’emploi et bénéficiaires de minima sociaux)


Visite théâtralisée : Vergetot, une histoire millénaire
Mairie de Vergetot – 76280 VERGETOT

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