Sortie nature : L’écho des grenouilles


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As part of the 30th Edition of Fréquence Grenouille

As the mild spring weather sets in, it rains, it wets, it’s frog season! The ponds and lakes are once again the scene of intense activity, punctuated by the movements and songs of the amphibians, who are busy with a single task: to reproduce in order to survive.

Nightfall is the ideal time to meet them, flashlight in hand and boots on. You’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open to observe them and learn how to tell them apart, thanks to the expert advice of your nature guide. But let’s not forget that these little creatures are protected and deserve to be respected.

Meet at the Maison de la Réserve, Salle Avocette (access via Aire de la Baie de Seine, Pont de Normandie parking lot).

From 6 years – Duration: 2h30
Bring boots, flashlight and packed lunch
Reservations required by e-mail to or online, or on


Sortie nature : L’écho des grenouilles
Pont de Normandie – 76430 SAINT-VIGOR-D’YMONVILLE

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