Sortie nature : Découverte de la réserve de la Seine


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What is the driving force behind all marshes? Water, of course. The Seine estuary, where the river meets the sea, is a vast example.
But the moon, aided by the sun, also plays its part. The perpetual rhythm of the tides periodically floods part of the nature reserve, bringing in water that is half fresh and half salty. The plants and animals that live here are well adapted to these very special living conditions. From salt meadows and reedbeds to ponds and wet meadows, estuarine ecosystems are rich and varied. Come and follow the path of the tides as they shape the estuary.

Meet at the Maison de la Réserve, Salle Avocette (access via Aire de la Baie de Seine, Pont de Normandie parking lot).

Ages 7 and up – Duration: 2h30
Boots required
Reservations required by e-mail to or online, or on


  • Base rate : 5,00€
  • Child rate : 3,00€


Sortie nature : Découverte de la réserve de la Seine
Pont de Normandie – 76430 SAINT-VIGOR-D’YMONVILLE

Tel. 02 35 24 80 01


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