Jeudi nature : Pokémon


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The Réserve naturelle de l’estuaire de la Seine (Seine Estuary Nature Reserve) is delighted to welcome you on this special vacation Thursday, to offer you the chance to experience educational and playful moments with your family, and to gently reconnect with nature.

This week, Professor Busard needs your help! The Seine Estuary National Nature Reserve is teeming with unfamiliar little creatures. Come and help the professor study them and complete the reserve?s pokédex. In exchange for your pokemon-training knowledge and services, you’ll be able to create your own pokemon card and take it home with you. See you soon in the reserve!

Meet at the Maison de la Réserve, Salle Avocette (access via Aire de la Baie de Seine, Pont de Normandie parking lot).

Ages 5 and up – Duration: 2 hrs
Bring boots and field clothes
Reservations required by e-mail to or online, or on


  • Base rate : 5,00€
  • Child rate : 3,00€
  • Free :
    (Pour les accompagnants supplémentaires)


Jeudi nature : Pokémon
Pont de Normandie – 76430 SAINT-VIGOR-D’YMONVILLE

Tel. 02 35 24 80 01


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