Animations : 80ème anniversaire de la Libération d’Octeville-sur-M



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On the program for September 14:
– Reconstructed camp with collectors’ encampments and period vehicle displays
– Official ceremony on Saturday afternoon, September 14
– Civilian and military parade accompanied by bagpipes
– Inauguration of a stele in tribute to the Scottish soldiers of the 51st Highlander Division who liberated Octeville-sur-mer on September 12

A conference entitled “La pointe de Caux, de l’occupation à la libération” will be held on September 12 at the Salle Ventoux in Octeville-sur-Mer


  • Free for all :


Animations : 80ème anniversaire de la Libération d’Octeville-sur-Mer
Ferme Lemaistre – Chemin des Charettes – 76930 OCTEVILLE-SUR-MER

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