Animations : 80ème anniversaire de la Libération de la Ville de Mo


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Over two days, the town of Montivilliers celebrates its Liberation. The program for Saturday the 14th includes the screening of a documentary film produced by Lycée students, a lecture by local historian Stéphane LOBRUTO, an exhibition in the Abbey buildings, a presentation with period material, the screening of an extract from La Grande Vadrouille, a presentation on the theme of the Resistance by the Service Jeunesse, a concert featuring remixed 50s music, and a giant birthday party for people born in 1944

September 14 :
– from 10am at Salle Michel Vallery / from 2pm at Cour Saint-Philibert.
In addition to the entertainment, visitors will also be able to admire an exhibition of vintage vehicles. The day will end with a free concert from 9-11pm.

September 15 :
– rendezvous at Point-Fort Numéro 1, behind the Giratoire de la Liberté equestrian center.
The association Histoire et Passion La Havre 1944 will introduce visitors to the historic site of Point Fort Numéro 1, the key site of Operation Astonia, the operation to bring down the defences around Le Havre on September 10, 1944.


  • Free for all :
    (animations du samedi 14 septembre.)
  • Base rate : 1,00€
    (visite du Point-Fort Numéro 1 le Dimanche 15 septembre)


Animations : 80ème anniversaire de la Libération de la Ville de Montivilliers

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