Salon du Bien-être


Salon du bien-être 2024


Wellness is an innate concept. As Socrates said: “Every man at 30 should be his own physician”. A simple and effective motto, but modern life has made us forget our personal selves, and we too often take care of our obligations to the detriment of ourselves. For many years now, personal well-being has once again become an essential part of our lives: eating natural or organic products, relaxing, getting a massage, being accompanied by a therapist in difficult moments, quitting smoking under hypnosis, consulting a dietician to go on a diet, doing yoga, seeing an osteopath in case of mechanical pain, seeing a clairvoyant or a medium to shed light on our life path, whatever method(s) we choose if it frees us from our physical and mental pain. It’s often easy to solve our problems by natural means before we fall ill. So let?s listen to our mind and body as a preventive measure.

Come and meet many professionals and relax by taking part in numerous conferences.

Date: Friday March 29 to Sunday March 31, 2024
Times: Friday: 11am-7pm / Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm non-stop.
Location: Hall 3 ? Carré des Docks
Prices : Admission fee – 3? on sale at the ticket office / means of payment accepted: cheques, cash


  • Base rate : 3,00€


Salon du Bien-être
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