Documentaire : Libérez la mémoire


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In partnership with Passerelle de mémoire, the project involves collecting stories from veterans who lived through the end-of-war period. These filmed interviews will be the subject of a documentary for the general public, to be shown on several occasions in September as part of the Year of Remembrance. The interviews will also be preserved in the town’s archives.

The collection and filming of the various testimonies will start on April 15 and finish on April 26. Physical accompaniment will be organized to enable everyone to visit the interview locations. Interviews at home are also possible for people with reduced mobility.

Friendly gatherings will be organized in April in the autonomous residences managed by the CCAS to enable residents and outsiders to share their memories. The association Passerelle de mémoire will also be running mediation sessions in close proximity to residents: Organized in a caravan, the “labo des territoires” will be stationed and animated on certain market squares, at the foot of buildings…
Screenings will be organized at various levels, in particular for schoolchildren, in local structures? and a screening for the general public will be offered as part of the “2024: Year of Remembrance” event. Witnesses and their families will be invited to take part in these events to continue sharing their memories.


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Documentaire : Libérez la mémoire
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