Built between 1854 and 1860 on the heights of Le Havre, Fort de Tourneville was then part of a complex including the Fort of Sainte-Adresse, now converted into a green space:  the hanging gardens.

After its military vocation until 1976, then abandoned, the fort underwent a new transformation after its purchase by the City of Le Havre, which did everything possible to open up this military wasteland to the general public and make it a place of culture and life open to all.

Les terrasses du Fort de Tourneville au Havre
Passage vers le Tetris au Fort de Tourneville

Tourneville Fort, a place of associations

Little by little, about 25 cultural and artistic associations and structures have taken up residence here, including the association Are you Graffing?  which promotes street art and organises exhibitions, murals, educational workshops, performances, film exchanges, creative and festive events throughout the year, and now 3 municipal departments are based there:  the archives, the scientific library of the Natural History Museum, and the Historical Museums. 

Une bergerie au Fort de Tourneville

Le Havre, CEM and Tetris

While the associations based there are not always well known by the general public, the two structures that make up the CEM School of Music (Centre d’Expressions Musicales) and the Tétris auditorium have acquired a great reputation, thanks to the quality and diversity of its teaching for one, and its concert hall for the other.

La Halle au Fort de Tourneville
Le bar du Fort de Tourneville au Havre

Dedicated to contemporary music, the CEM (Centre d’Expressions Musicales), after long months of work, reopened the doors to its completely refurbished premises in January 2018. Covering a surface area of 1,365m², it includes a school with 17 classrooms, a professional training centre, 6 soundproofed rehearsal and recording studios with the best equipment, a concert hall and bar open to all.

The marriage of brick and modern materials makes it a very aesthetic place, where it’s nice to take a stroll, and where you can see temporary exhibitions of paintings or photographs hung on the picture rails of the long brick corridor that emerges from the ground.

The Tétris, undoubtedly so called because of its interlocking containers, making it an original and colourful place, is also a place open to all. It’s known for its concerts, as well as for its exhibitions of contemporary art, and perhaps a little less for its restaurant offering home-made dishes, with its menu renewed every day.

Le Tetris au Fort de Tourneville au Havre
Le Fort de Tourneville ensoleillé au Havre

Tourneville Fort, on the natural side

Are you looking for nature in the city? It’s there at the fort, an unusual place, open every day of the year with no time restrictions.   The green spaces offer something to walk around, discovering the plants of the participatory garden or having a picnic.  Children will love the sheepfold area, and those reserved for games. 

Des moutons au Fort de Tourneville
Le Ouest Park Festival se déroule au Fort de Tourneville au Havre

Ouest Park festival

Over time, the fort has become a stage of life and entertainment whose reputation is never in doubt. Every year, the Ouest Park is held there, a festival dedicated to contemporary music, very popular among the region’s youth. 

Also in season, a contemporary art exhibition giving the public the chance to discover artists working on the international scene forms part of the Exhibit digital festival. 

The increasingly successful Réinventif exhibition also attracts people who are concerned about the environment, reuse and recycling. But these are just a few examples; this place is a great source of actions and projects that bring people together and stimulate people’s creativity.

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