The festival Le Goût des Autres : literary festival

The child is growing up, already imposing its style and changes, among which is a relocation to other places and venues in the city. This cultural event, which has become a must-see on the third weekend in January, is now open to a wider public. 

Rencontre d'auteurs au festival Le Goût des Autres
Festival Le Goût des Autres au Havre, sous le chapiteau du Magic Mirrors

The Le Goût des Autres festival: one venue, several venues

The festival has always been held in the historical stronghold of the Magic Mirror, in the southern districts, near the Vauban Docks.

It’s been set up at the Niemeyer Library, on Place Perret, in a Magic recreated for the occasion, at the University Library of Le Havre, at the Sirius Cinema, at the Galerne bookshop, at the Volcan, at the Bains des Docks swimming pool and at the Town Hall Theatre. 

Other venues, sure, but all in Le Havre. 

The port, open to the world, is great for interaction. It’s also a source of inspiration in many artistic and intellectual fields.

The Le Goût des Autres festival – what’s that?

Each year has its theme!

Reading, living, sharing and discovering today’s writers and the best literature.

This event, whether French-speaking or foreign, attracts true enthusiasts in a spirit of real curiosity and joy.

Maylis de Kerangal au festival Le Goût des Autres
Lecture musicale par Keren Ann au Festival Le Goût des Autres

Over four days and as many nights, this festival of literary creation, as part of the national Reading Night arrangement, is all about originality with multiple unexpected encounters whose actors are both recognised writers and artists. In other words, the festival is a long weekend during which Le Havre is all about books and music.

While there are lots of readings, debates, performances and meetings with artists, the less passionate among us shouldn’t worry.

Lecture musicale, le Noël d’Auggie Wren au Festival Le Goût des Autres
Concert lors du festival Le Goût des Autres

The festival also has plenty of more celebratory moments:  concerts and shows where music and dance let you experience literature in a different way.

Don’t miss the next edition, on the third weekend of January, of this festival whose fame is growing steadily.