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Cyriaque Lethuil Natterra Etretat1

Cyriaque Lethuil Natterra-Flore Etretat

Au-bout-du-monde-NATTERRA ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Au-contact-de-la-craie ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Au-crépuscule-NATTERRA-2020 ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Dans-la-forêt-NATTERRA-2020 ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Dans-la-nuit-NATTERRA-2020 ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN


La-Côte-d'Albâtre,-Grandios ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Se-sentir-tout-petit-NATTERRA ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Sortie-nature-en-famille-NATTERRA ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Sortie-nocturne-NATTERRA-2020 ©Alexandra FLEURANTIN

Fossiles d'Etretat NATTERRA @Alexandra Fleurantin 2020

Sortie nature auprès des enfants NATTERRA 2020 @ Alexandra FLEURANTIN


Guided nature walk

If you are looking for an unusual way to discover the Alabaster Coast cliffs, observe sea birds, get to know seaside plants, understand the history of the chalk with its courses of flint…
If you want to take your time and let your senses come alive in a truly unique landscape.
An unforgettable experience.

Famille Plus

Individual openings and schedules

  • By appointment. Natterra accompanies you all year round from dawn to dusk and even at night with

    – Nature discoveries all year round
    – Professional nature guides with 25 years of experience in the Etretat – Le Havre – Fécamp – Seine – Côte d’Albâtre area
    – The possibility of discovering certain emblematic species and visiting sites that are only accessible on guided tours
    – Nature walks
    – Knowledge but above all the sharing of a passion for nature

    Natterra is a partner of several nature conservation associations.


  • Visit open to reservation: 30 €/person

Payment methods

  • Postal or bank cheques
  • Cash
  • Money transfer

Online booking


Natterra, naturalist guides in Étretat
29 route de la Plaine – 76280 LA POTERIE-CAP-D’ANTIFER

Tel. 06 82 77 87 55

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