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Located in the Pays de Caux, the Valleuse d’Antifer is a dry valley suspended above the sea.

This site offers three remarkable distinct environments: an afforestation, a valley made up of meadows, calcareous lawns, moors and ponds and the seaside. These different environments are home to many animal species (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects). It is not uncommon to see gulls, seagulls or cormorants nesting on the cliffs.

It is possible to access the sea through a path that offers a 2km walk to discover the fauna and flora diversity of the site.

La Valleuse d’Antifer was once used by fishermen and pebble operators to access the coast. A good part of the wood was replanted in chestnut trees and exploited intensively around 1980. The grassy areas have been grazed until recent times almost exclusively by cattle.

Located between Cap d’Antifer and Étretat, it is one of the last non-urbanized valleys on the Alabaster Coast.
This site is a property of the Conservatoire du littoral, managed by the Department of Seine-Maritime.


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Antifer Valley

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