Parc du Château d’Orcher


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From the top of its cliff, Orcher overlooks the Seine estuary and the Normandy bridge. The fortress was transformed in the 18th century into an elegant dwelling, with particularly refined woodwork.

The 30-minute guided tour will allow you to discover the entire ground floor with in particular the old guard room protected by 2.8m thick walls transformed into a library (5000 volumes from the 18th to the present day) ), the large living room with famous rock-style woodwork and the restored vestibule which has regained its 18th century radiance.

On this occasion, you will also see the restored Manneville collection, a series of 5 single-story portraits that showcase the richness of 18th century dresses and uniforms painted in the famous Bernay workshop.

By crossing Orcher you will travel from the Middle Ages to the 21st century with a stopover in the 18th century and you will discover the living environment of exceptional personalities involved in the history of Normandy and France.

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Parc du Château d’Orcher
Château d’Orcher – 76700 GONFREVILLE-L’ORCHER

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