Stand up paddle boarding tour around Le Havre


BRN Paddle SRHBRN Paddle SRH Le Havre


Follow the guide ! Embark on your stand-up paddle at the Sainte-Adresse pier for a 2-hour ride.

Your guide, an instructor from the Société des Régates du Havre, will adapt your route to the tides and conditions.

If you head north-west, you will have the opportunity to discover the impressive cliffs and the species that colonize them.
If you go south, you will be offered a real leap into the past!
You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the City of Le Havre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
At low tide, you will have the unique opportunity to discover the wreckage-vestiges of the conflict at the origin of the destruction of the city of Le Havre.

Ten activities are labeled Nautical Walks and Hikes on the territory of Le Havre Seine Métropole, sea trips (sails, coasting, kayaking and paddle) supervised by qualified and passionate professionals to learn more about the natural, cultural or gastronomic heritage . More information on

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Stand up paddle boarding tour around Le Havre
Point nautique – Promenade Lebel – 76310 SAINTE-ADRESSE

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