Ciné-concert : The gearing machine


The gearing machine - ©Camille Sa


Have you ever wondered: what if life was just a game? A game of exchanges? Of meeting and sharing? What if the other side were a vast playground? Games that mix places and times, beyond space and time… What if the number of games were limited with the Engrenages machine? Think of all the lives you’ve already embodied! Think of all the lives you could still embody!

Would you like to know?

Over there, beyond the world, with malice and impatience, all the creatures who no longer live gather for strange celebrations. There, beyond time, with patience or indifference, awaits you La Machine aux Engrenages… So follow us to the other side, and join us for a musical tale as we explore La Machine aux Engrenages – The Gearing Machine.

All ages.
Reservations required.


  • Base rate : 12,00€
  • Reduced rate : 8,00€
  • Student rate : 5,00€
  • Free :
    (Pour les moins de 6 ans)


Ciné-concert : The gearing machine
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