Visite théâtralisée : Nouvelle ville, femme nouvelle


Nouvelle ville, femme nouvelle - ©PAH


Women of yesterday and today – Organized by Pays d’art et d’histoire.
By Compagnie Piano à Pouces Théâtre.

Created over fifteen years ago, the character of “Madame” has evolved. From perfect magazine housewife, she has allowed her aspirations to shine through: to work and free herself from the shackles imposed on her since childhood.

Through “Madame”, the evolution of the place of women during the “Trente Glorieuses” is revealed: laws, mentalities, training, access to employment, freedoms… Madame” humorously portrays the women of the 1950s on the road to emancipation.

Duration: 1h – From 12 years.
Reservations required.
Meeting place to be announced on registration.


  • Base rate : 7,00€
  • Reduced rate : 5,00€
    (Pour les titulaires d’une carte d’invalidité ou d’une carte Familles nombreuses)
  • Free :
    (Pour les moins de 26 ans, et sur présentation de justificatifs, demandeurs d’emploi et bénéficiaires de minima sociaux)


Visite théâtralisée : Nouvelle ville, femme nouvelle
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