Rencontres nationales du Havre sur les séries


Séries et sexualité


Organized by the Havre de Cinéma association, each year Le Havre’s national meeting on series explores a theme present in audiovisual productions. After the theme of music in 2022, the 2023 edition will tackle the theme of sexuality, from November 30 to December 3.

It’s striking to note that, since the beginning of the 21st century, representations of sexuality in TV series have sometimes been more unexpected and less stereotyped than in cinema.

During these three days, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the relationship between education and sexuality in the “Sex Education” and “Libres” series, the issues raised around disability in “Lycée Toulouse Lautrec”, No Sex and asexuality, porn and the reproduction of models it instills, the relationship with power as portrayed in “The Scarlet Handmaid” or with religion, the treatment of this theme in heritage series and also what psychoanalysis has to say about it in the “En thérapie” series. We’ll also be looking at how to film scenes of intimacy today, post #Metoo, in a roundtable discussion with various professionals involved.

Not forgetting the usual sequences of these meetings: eloquence competitions, “work in progress”… and a new feature this year with a competition to create a series pilot.

Organized by the Havre de cinéma association, these open days take place at the Oscar Niemeyer library, the Studio cinema, the Arthur Honegger Conservatory and the Colombe Niemeyer.

The entire program is free and open to all.
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Rencontres nationales du Havre sur les séries
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