Projection : La Seine, un nouveau regard


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Dive into the meanders of the Seine, explore the river’s biodiversity from source to mouth, and meet the men and women who work every day to protect it.

This screening is part of the AnthropoScènes Festival. It will be followed by a discussion with director Julien Guéraud and Thomas Lecarpentier, in charge of the Estuaire Nature Reserve.

Wherever water flows, life flourishes: with over 500,000 km of waterways, France boasts aquatic environments rich in a wide variety of animal and plant species. A precious resource on which, for centuries, it has built its development.

Over time, the 776 kilometers of the Seine and its tributaries have shaped a varied and majestic landscape. But after centuries of development, the biodiversity of France’s second largest river is paying a heavy price for human concentration. Today, the weight of this urbanization weighs heavily on a watershed that is home to 17 million people, almost a quarter of the French population.

Faced with intensifying drought and growing pressure on water resources, the river’s natural heritage remains at risk. Managing the river and its aquatic biotopes is one of the major challenges for the years to come. From its source to its mouth, passionate men and women are working to protect and restore these ecosystems, so that the nature of the Seine continues to flourish and its richness can be preserved.

“Travelling the Seine from upstream to downstream, this documentary illustrates the diversity of river ecosystems and the species that inhabit them, winter resting and migration areas, the role of lakes as natural reservoirs and how they function, and the importance of unpopulated areas that act as water regulators. In order to promote the improvement of the aquatic ecosystems of the river and its tributaries, it highlights the efforts and policies required to create nature reserves, focusing on the role of public policy, sources of funding and the involvement of the state and local authorities.”

Duration: 1 hour.
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Projection : La Seine, un nouveau regard
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