Minute patrimoine : Marianne Peretti, une artiste franco-brésilien


Los Pássaros - ©LHET


Mon village, mon quartier – Organized by Pays d’Art et d’Histoire.

One Wednesday a month at 12:30 pm, we invite you to join us to decipher, in 30 minutes, a significant element of our local heritage, and inspire you to continue your exploration with a visit or lecture a few days later.

The work of the Franco-Brazilian artist “Los Pássaros” dialogues with the curves of Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture. The artist and architect have signed numerous collaborations, inspired by the symbolism of the bird, freedom and peace.

Meet at rue Voltaire, at the foot of the sculpture, Le Havre
Free, no reservation required.
Duration: 30 min.


  • Free for all :


Minute patrimoine : Marianne Peretti, une artiste franco-brésilienne au Havre
Rue Voltaire – 76600 LE HAVRE

Tel. 02 35 22 31 22



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