Les Rendez-Vous d’Arthur: The Cello in all its forms


Duo Brady - ©Eric Garault


Les Rendez-Vous d’Arthur: The Cello in all its forms
– Michele Pierre (cello)
– Paul Colomb (cello)
– Amandine Robilliard (cello)

Duo Brady: Plains (Tuesday, August 9
Simplicity, finesse, poetry: these are the key words of Duo Brady. Since their meeting in 2010, Michèle Pierre and Paul Colomb, both cellists, have not stopped playing together, and from their improvised and playful conversations the Duo Brady was gradually born. Located at the intersection between jazz and chamber music, it is open to all kinds of musical territories (Indian music, folk, acoustic techno, etc.). These mixtures and crossings form so many Plains, from the title of their album released in 2020, which are carried by a dialogue of extreme precision. Like a couple of birds, their voices fly in spirals, the breath of one becoming that of the other. Duo Brady is a journey of two cellos that become one.

Michèle Pierre: Axone (Wednesday August 10)
Three works written in 2022. Three female composers with complementary universes. The Axon is the infinitely small: a piece of nerve cell that makes us move, transforms us and allows us to evolve. It is by following this common thread that Fiona Monbet, Seongmi Kim and Michèle Pierre have written their pieces, drawing inspiration from imaginary women, somewhat witches and their initiatory journey towards a form of advent and power where the voice of the performer and that of the cello intertwine to form a single instrument.

Paul Colomb: Blue (Thursday August 11)
“Bleue”, released in June 2021, is the first album of cellist Paul Colomb. A tribute to the music he loves, mixing a melodic narration inspired by the chamber music repertoire with the Berlin sounds of techno and ambient. Alone on stage and with his laptop, he plunges the listener into a universe of timeless themes, airy climates and hypnotic rhythmic frescoes.

Amandine Robilliard: Bach à la loop (Friday 12, Saturday 13, Sunday 14 August)
Three hundred years after their composition, the suites of Johann Sebastian Bach still represent an unprecedented architectural monument in the repertoire of this instrument. With this project, we enter the harmonic foundations of the score. Thanks to the Looper pedal, we discover the harmonies, the underground part of the masterpiece. This incredible work of rewriting allows a new listening accompanying the interpretation, at the same time as it takes us to other fields of perception.

Les Rendez-Vous d’Arthur: 1 day, 1 venue, 1 concert:
From August 9 to August 14.



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Les Rendez-Vous d’Arthur: The Cello in all its forms

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