L’Esprit de Taxus


L'Esprit de Taxus - ©Mairie d'Angerville-l'Orcher


The commune of Angerville-l’Orcher organizes a variety of cultural events every weekend in March under the banner of “L’Esprit de Taxus”, the Latin name for the yew tree that is the commune’s emblem (a listed thousand-year-old yew).

On the program: exhibition and book signing at Angerville-l’Orcher town hall, cinema and theater at the Salle de l’If, concerts at the Salle les Charmes (detailed program below).

Reservations and information by e-mail: espritdetaxus@orange.fr


  • Free for all :


L’Esprit de Taxus
14 Place du Général de Gaulle – 76280 ANGERVILLE-L’ORCHER

Tel. 02 35 20 92 02


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